Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy Validity 

Warranty policy for all products of Xybguitars contain validity of  1-year (12 month) .

  • The validity begins from the date of departuring from our office.
  • During warranty validity period, replacement or repairing will be free if caused by quality issue.
  • During warranty validity, replacement or repairing will cahrged as its cost if casued by any mal-using or damged by human.
  • For any replacment or repairing when expire, any replacment or repairing will also be paid with discounted price. 

Return Policy

We surely have money return policy to ensure our clients’ benefits and remain our reputation.

  • For those sent items are totally different from what you ordered, we will return.
  • For bad quality, we will return.
  • For missed items (not packed, missing when shipping is not our responsiblity), we will return missed ones.
  • We will send photo or video of the ordered items before shiping, you have one chance to confirm if those are what you really want. If not, we will return before shipping, but when they are shipped, we will not.
  • We will not return because of damaged packing during shipping, because we do pack well and asure the packing is on good condition when departure. But if you got this, you can tell us to help us to do better.
  • Please note that we will return in term of the way you paid. Ex.: if you pay through Paypal, then the return will also through Paypal. 
  • We will return by full amount, but if any bank charge or the third party’s charge (like Paypal) occured, you may not get the ful amount. Please understand.


Fair and transparent business is always waht we are pursuing. When start any compalints or return procedure, there is something you need to claim clearly. But please believe that we surely eager to solve problems you have met.

  • We take photoes for each of ordered and we also keep record of your order. So when ask for return for difference between sent and your order sheet, please send us all photoes of what you got. If there are surely something is different, we will return to you at first time.
  • For bad quality complaints, we may ask for the statement that clearly indicate what and why you think it is a bad quality. And please send items back to us with your own cost. We will return based on trackable shipping number.
  • Although we seldom meet such a situation, but for missing parts, we will return the money of mimssed items instead of all items. And we need a short time to inspect, if the missing is confirmed, we will return in minute. As mentiond above, there’s also shipping record with photoes.
  • For damaged package when shipping, we are not responsible for it. We do packing very carefully, and normally take protection method. Also before shipping, you will see how we pack and a photo of complete package.

It is still wise to CONTACT us for details of what you want to order in advance.

Pricing Policy - Low Profit

Pricing policy of low-profit is one of Xybguitars’ efforts to benefit our clients.

What is low-profit?

Reducing all cost of sourcing, manpower and service,etc., We try our best to keep the price as low as factory one. 

we can becasue we have stabled our business with some good factories.

To lower the cost of clients’ supply chain management is one of our goal.

How do we earn money from this business?

We earn money mainly from followings:

1 Based on number of clients we have. This means we have more clients, we can earn more money although profit of single selling maybe not so good. This also means we need to do our service better and better to establish good reputation and earn more trust.

2. Based on quantity we sell. This means we earn profit mainly from total quantity of items we sell at one time. Although we don’t refuse purchasing from single person, we support wholesale business as our basic policy. So we have different discount policy based on quanitty as well.

Feel free to ask Price List for your reference.