Types of Guitar Every Guitarist Should Know

There’s a multitude of reasons why many aspiring musicians pick the guitar as their instrument of choice. Perhaps the most recognized and widely-played stringed instrument there has ever been, the guitar has been loved for generations for the beautiful sound it creates and its ability to bring people together and connect them through music.

Electric guitar strings and fretboard

If you’re a passionate musician who’s learning to play the guitar, we commend you! If you have the talent and the perseverance, there’s no reason why you can’t be the next Eric Clapton, B.B King, or Jimi Hendrix!

When it comes to learning a new musical instrument, the first step is always about understanding the instrument itself.  And the guitar is no different. In order to improve and grow as a guitarist, its important learn about the different variations of the instruments.

So without further ado, here’s a guide to the three main types of guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

This is the ‘classic’ guitar and one you’re probably familiar with. Acoustic guitars typically feature six strings and a wooden, hollow body which amplifies the sound from the strings acoustically. They also come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, ‘jumbos’ and ‘dreadnoughts’ have large bodies and produce a loud bassy sound, while the smaller ‘auditorium’ and ‘parlor’ have a more articulate, quieter tone.

Acoustic guitars are ideal for players and singers who want something to fingerpick or strum their songs on. They’re not ideal for fast players who’re looking for a loud, dynamic sound and distortion-heavy solos. For that, you need electric guitars (which are further down our list). 

Semi-Acoustic Guitars

Also referred to as electro-acoustic guitars, these guitars are exactly like acoustic ones except for the fact that they have microphone plugged into them so they can be plugged into a PA system or an amplifier to make it louder. These are perfect for guitarists who want to play live shows.

Electric Guitars

Unlike the other two guitars on this list, these ones have solid bodies. Therefore, they produce little sound unless you plug them into an amp. Electric guitars come in a wide array of shape and sizes. Some iconic models include the Fender Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul.

Electric guitars are ideal for players who want a more dynamic range of sound or want to experiment with effects.

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