Accessories Every Guitarist Needs

While your guitar gear won’t magically transform you from a novice to Eddie Van Halen without a substantial amount of practice, it can definitely change your experience. With good-quality items to back you up, you can expect a more comfortable experience. In fact, you can’t get some sounds and effects from your guitar without using […]

4 Skills You Should Know to Improve Your Guitar Skills

Legends aren’t born great; they develop their skills through practice. Without grinding for hours, getting sore fingers from playing for long sessions, you won’t get anywhere in the world of guitar playing. And while there isn’t any endgame to the sea of knowledge of the guitar dynasty, there are a few pointers that can get […]

Acoustic Guitar Storage-How Humidity Influences Wood Guitar?

acoustic guitar storage

Acosutic Guitar Storage  1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? 2. Is high humidity good? 3. How does low humidity influence guitar? 4. How to do acosutic guitar storage? 1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? The answer is obvious.To protect guitar from damages and to prolong […]