Vital Elements of the Classical Guitar Technique

If you want to master the classical guitar, you should learn a few rules of thumb. In this blog, we talk about 4 fundamentals that will help you ground your practice and enable you to produce beautiful tones.  Arpeggios Although arpeggios don’t get a lot of attention, guitarists spend years to play with different textures […]

‘7’ Ways to Customize Your Guitar

Owning a guitar that speaks about your personality is appealing. It also gives your instrument a character of its own. In this blog, we have outlined seven straightforward and low-cost ways to customize your guitar, which will help you stand out from the crowd of dull brown ones.  Pickup Covers A unique pickup cover adds a distinctive […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Classical Guitar

As a beginner guitar player, buying your first guitar can be daunting. You don’t know which guitar is suitable for you. You can’t distinguish between a highly quality guitar and a poorly made product. In this blog, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to buying a classical guitar so that when you purchase your […]

Getting to Know Your Instrument: The Different Parts That Make Up a Classical Guitar

Have you decided to start your journey as a guitarist with a classical guitar? Well, good on you! When done right, the classical guitar is just one of those musical instruments with which the opportunities of growth are virtually endless. Sure, you may not get the cool perks and sound effects that you get with […]

Leran Guitar,Why Should I Learn Classical Guitar First

learn guitar

Learn Guitar,Why Should I Learn Classical Guitar First? 1. To learn guitar,is it worth learnig classical guitar? 2. Why should I begin with classical guitar? 3.How does righ hand finger influence? 4.Difference between classical and acosutic folk guitar 1. To learn guitar,is it worth learnig classical guitar? When we begin to learn guitar,most of us […]

Guitar History, From Beginning to Present

guitar history

Guitar History 1.Guitar History Beginning 2. Development 3. Golden Times 4. Segovia,The Greatest Guitarist in 20th Century 5. Now 1. Guitar History Beginning Where guitar history begins? This is the first question comes to our mind. But it is almost a “mission impossible“.Because wood material is easily rotted.So we can hardly find any evidence of […]