Shipping Ways

Xybguitars is experienced in international shipping.

Till now, we are firmly working with multi shipping agents for types of shipping methods.

The option will help our clients to save time and cost.

1. Express Door-to-Door Service

The express service is the fastest and most convenient way of shipping.

The service delivers items from our place to your door directly. 

No need for you to worry about custom,etc. It is the most convenient delivery method.

Because of that,the service is also the most expensive way. 

So,fits for small quantity order mostly.

We are working with DHL,EMS,Aramex,etc with certain discount.

2. Air Freight

The service is also fast.

However,the air company normally doesn’t provide door-to-door service.

You have to ask for it and pay additionally.

The charge is sometimes almost the same with express way.

We work with several professional air freight agents. But seldom recommend to our clients.

3. Land Transportation

Basically, this type of shipping is for bulk order with larger quantity.

But the destination country must be connected with China railway network. 

So we can deliver items to some countries located in Asia and Europe.

The cost of the shipping method is cheaper accordingly.

But not always cheaper. The more items and the larger size,the lower price.

This way is slow. 

We are also working with some agents here and can get discounted price. However, no one asked for land transportation till now.

4. Sea Freight

Sea freight fits for bulk order and long distance transportation.

It is cheap if the order quantity is big enough.

And compare with land transportation, it is safer and sometimes faster.

There are many shipping agents of sea transportation in China. 

We are working with good ones. And make sure to give you the best solution.

Our Delivery Procedure

1. Inspection of quality and quantity based on your order.

2. Proper packing.

3. Measure the size.

4. Take video and pictures of packing for your confirmation.

5. Prepare necessary documents.

6. Pass the items to courier. 

7. Send you tracing number (if by express) or release B/L.

Please contact us for details.