Guitar Jack Plate

Guitar jack plate category of Xybguitars includes guitar jacks and plates for connection purpose. For plates, introduced classical square neck connection plate for ST guitars. And connection plate for bass, etc. All are made of steel material. Through punching, the shape is well fixed. Then, for turning to do surface treatment and handle dimension. Necessary milling is also introduced for processing slot, etc. In the end, through plating, ensures excellent surface quality. Also, secure certain hardness to avoid deformation for long life using.

Guitar jack is for well organization and connection of output cable. In our serious, jacks are for ST, SQ, Tele and Les Paul electric guitars and other kinds with similar design. Also made of metal material. And after similar processing procedure as plates, thus, durable for using.

We have different MOQ for different parts. You may see in specific products description or feel free to ask us.

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