Chinese Classical Guitar

Chinese classical guitar of Xybguitars belongs to high quality level. As quality of classical guitar is the main factor that we consider.

In many people’s mind, classical guitar of China belongs to cheap price and quality. However, ours may be not the cheapest that you can buy. But surely the good quality that you can find in China.

First, material for classical guitars are from authorized supplier of Europe. Second, all China classical guitar builders have learnt the technology from Europe. Especially, for full solid type and hand-made type, builders have at least 15 years experience in this filed. Thus, no matter solid top guitar or full solid guitar is good performance.

Although there are Chinese made classical guitars, all of their sound performance are by Spanish standard. Solid bass and bright high pitch is well balanced.

Guaranteed quality without deformation, no string buzz and cracks on any side. Also good finishing.

Besides supplied guitars, we also do customization for specific requirement and designation. Logo printing is also available.

Generally, all classical guitars are packed by cartons outside. Inside, we use bags or boxes. All are packed carefully enough for long distance deliver. We can also do packing in term of special requirement.

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