4 Reasons to Not Swap Nylon and Steel Strings on Your Guitar

Some people believe that you can swap the nylon strings on your classical guitar for steel strings, and vice-versa. Here are some reasons why that’s a really bad idea. String Tension Nylon and steel strings exert different amounts of pulling force (known as tension) on guitars. Nylon strings typically exert tension of 80 pounds, whereas […]

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Guitar

  With so many people quarantining at home, it’s a great time to pick up a hobby. Guitars are portable and popular, and with the internet being flush with guides, this is an ideal time to learn to play. However, choosing the wrong guitar can quickly stifle your progress and curb your interest. Whether you’re […]

Electric Guitar Components Export to USA

electric guitar components

Electric Guitar Components Flys to USA Overveiw Electric guitar components we have shipped includes tuners and tremolo bridges. The client is a electric guitar repairing shop from USA. After a short communication, he decided to purchase a few items as sample for quality inspection. And we are confident in supporting. The items has been shipped […]