Leran Guitar,Why Should I Learn Classical Guitar First

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Learn Guitar,Why Should I Learn Classical Guitar First?

1. To learn guitar,is it worth learnig classical guitar?

2. Why should I begin with classical guitar?

3.How does righ hand finger influence?

4.Difference between classical and acosutic folk guitar

1. To learn guitar,is it worth learnig classical guitar?

When we begin to learn guitar,most of us will ask which type should I begin,acoustic or classical? 

My answer is to begin with classical guitar.

Is it worth learning classical guitar?

The answer is also yes.

You maynot know that calssical guitar shares the same position with piano and violin in music instrument world.But it is actually a very important and world-widely spread instrument.

As we know,it takes years to learn classical guitar.And it won’t be easy.However,once you handled all skills necessary,it will help your acoustic guitar skill greatly.And even you jsut practice basic skill for a certain time, you will feel it is easier to learn acosutic guitar.

Once you have well learnt the guitar,it will be with you for your whold life.Just like piano and violin does.

It needs serial training to be a classical guitar player.Actually,it is not as simple as just plucking.You need to learn complete music knowledge.This will help you in learning of piano or other insturment.

So it is worthy learning classical guitar.

2. Why should I begin with classical guitar?

2-1. History Reason

From this article: Gutiar History, we know classical guitar is the origin of all otehr types.

This means all guitar skill is based on and developed from classical guitar.

2-2. Skill Reason

It is not easy to handle classical guitar skills.And it needs systematical training.But from many aspect,you can find reasons that it is better to begin with classical guitar.

To master classical guitar,you need to develop ability of reading score.

The ability cannot be built in one day.It needs a certain period to get familiar with it.The best way to learn is to study on every class you attend.And it is even better for you to practice to recognize the score while playing.There are kinds of scale practicing piece for you to learn.

When you learn classical guitar,it is very important to learn holding gestures at the very begining.And then finger movement of both right and left hand. 

With right holding gesture,it is easier for you to play.And through practicing of both hands,you will get more and more relaxed.As time goes by,your speed will be improved as well as tone performance.

When you want to learn acoustic guitar then,you will find it is easier.Especially, learning finger-style.

The best part to begin with classical guitar,is that you will know complete knowledge of music includes chords,harmony,etc.It is helpful if you want to be a professional.

If you want to be a composer,classical guitar is an instrument you must know about.

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3. How does right hand finger influence?

Actually,both left hand and right hand are important.However,we can discuss right hand only,for it influences the performance mostly.

From some masters’words, you can see how important it is.

“Don’t use too much strength when playing with right hand.The sound should be clean and clear,soft or strong.Generally speaking,sound  of classical guitar should be strong instead of piecing,soft but not weak.”–by Aguado

“It is not so proper to make too much sound volume of classical guitar.A chord is distributed to each corner of concert not only by high volume of sound, but also the clean and clear sound of guitar itself.If the audience like to cooperate with me,I can make the audience in every corner to hear the clear classical sound.The nature of classical guitar’s sound should be clean.”–by Segovia

How to make such a beautiful tone? As described by masters.

Gesture,right hand gesture,is the most basic and important aspect you need to focus.

The gesture we are talking about includes holding guitar,arm position and finger style.

If you hold a guitar with correct gesture,it is easy for you to find the right arm position on edge of guitar.And then it is easy for you to correct your finger movement.

The first finger(I),middle finger(M) and third finger (A)should shape a 45-60 degree angle with scale.All three fingers should touch and pluck the scale from the side close to thumb.

Please keep in mind that don’t pluck just by nail only.It should touch the scale together with finger.

 As for thumb,generally, if we get right position of the three fingers above,you will naturally get the right one of thumb.

But do remember that if your shoulder and arm moves when plucking,something must going wrong.

This is a very basic skill of classical guitar.However,it influences and even deicides if you are a good or bad player.Such kind of training will correct and fix your gesture.

The acosutic guitar or electric guitar doesn’t require so strictly.And many acoustic guitar teachers or electric guitar teachers can easily ignore such kind of training.

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4.Difference between classical and acosutic folk guitar

We recommend beginners to learn classical guitar firstly.However, it is not our decision.Before the final decision,you should know the difference between acoustic guitar and classical gutiar at least.

Generally,guitar without any electrical assitance such as pickup or AMP,etc,is called acoustic type.

So both classical and acosutic guitar belong to acoustic guitar.

According to body design,application and acoustic character,we can distinguish classical guitar and acoustic guitar.

4-1. Body Differences 

Classical type’s body was not like what we see today.But it is fixed when it was created by Torres. The size is normally 36”,38” and 39”. So we can see classical type has smaller size. And classical type’s neck is wider.

For acoustic type, body shape is vary such as D, GS, OM,Jumbo,etc. The size is normally from 40 inch to 43 inch.The acoustic guitars have bigger size. But acoustics have narrower neck.

4-2. String Differences 

This part of difference is obvious.

Classical guitars as we all know, have nylon strings, acoustics have steel strings.

Further more, acoustics have 22 frets,classical ones have 19 frets. 

4-3. Sound Differences 

Classical guitars was developed to perform classical music like piano or violin.It is required to play soft,sweet and clear sound.

Acoustic guitar was created by Americans,to play modern music.

It is mainly for playing company for popular songs. It performs bright sound with metal character.

4-4. Performance Differences

Classical guitar has strict requirement when performing.

First, we should focus on gestures of holding.Second,left hand skill and right hand skill must follow strict rules when practicing.

All of this just for better sound performance of guitar for classical guitars without auxiliary devices for bigger volume.

Acoustic guitar’s requirement is more flexible.

If you are a well-trained player, you could hold the guitar with any gestures you like.

Because this is the reason it was created.And there are many auxiliary electric devices you can use to help the performance of sound.

Above all,it is recommend to begin with classical guitar.If you want to start to learn guitar.ar.

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