How To Learn Classical Guitar Fast?

how to learn classical guitar

How To Learn Classical Guitar?

1. How to learn classical guitar? Choose a right guitar first

2. Holding a gutiar is not so simple

3. Why chords so important

4. You can do it fast if you do it slow

5. You do have time to practice

6. Is video class a good idea

7. Books may work for you

1. How to learn classical guitar?Choose a right guitar first

When you ask how to learn classical guitar,the first thing you need is to choose a right guitar.

“Right” means there are many to be considered: size,material,price,etc.

1-1. Size Matters

First, we need to claim the size do influences  your learning.And this question should come to your mind immediately when you ask how to learn classical guitar.

And size option is mainly in term of age and body size.This will decide if you can hold the guitar correctly and play smoothly.

What does 39 inch, 40 inch, 41 inch,etc mean? Those data means the length from top side of head to the bottom of body. The longer length the bigger body. Relatively, the longer length the wider neck and fingerboard.

The bisggest size of classical guitar is 39 inch.However,there are different sizes for different ages.

For children from age 6 to age 10, 36 inch is the most proper size. For children age from 8 to 10, 37 inch maybe the best size, for age from 10 to 12, 38 inch is proper. 39 inch classical guitar is mainly for adult playing.

For acosutic folk guitar,usual size is 40,41,42 and 43 inch.For children,you can use 36 inch which is also called travelling guitar.For acosutic guitar doesn’t require as strict rules as classicals,40 inch guitar maybe also compatable for children.

1-2. Material

There are kinds of wood material for classical guitar building. Rosewood,cedar,spruce,maple,and ebony,etc.

Different wood has different acosutic character.And reasonable configuration can perfrom the best acosutic tone.And according to the configuration,the types can distinguished as laminated type,solid top type and full solid classical guitar. 

To know the difference is the second thing need to focus when you ask how to learn classical guitar.

First, laminated guitar.Laminated means the guitar top,back and side is made of plywood instead of solid wood material.

No matter what kind of plywood it is, rosewood,maple and spruce,etc., laminated gutiar is still the cheapest insturment.

Besides,it is the easiest to matain as well.Because it is the least influenced by moisture and temperature.

But, laminated not always perform good tone.Although we admit that there are good ones among this series.And if the building is not so well,many problems like deformation or string buzz often occured. 

All these matters will definately destory your learning.So we don’t recommend.

If you have to buy a laminated guitar,it is better to ask an experienced to go to the store with you and try.If the performance is good enough,then you can still use it.

Second,solid top guitar.This means the guitar use solid top and plywood back and side,or solid back and side with plywood top.

At present,we normally see solid top with plywood back and side.Because this kind of configuration has better acoustic conduction character.

This kind of guitar is complicated.Generally,the quality is better than laminated.And some can even have same performance as full solid classical gutiar.

And normally, the price of solid top is cheaper than full solid.It is acceptable for most of beginners. So it is recommended.

Third, full solid guitars.As it is called,this kind of guitar introduced solid wood for all parts.

Thus,its quality is the best.Relatively,the price is the highest.

As for beginners, unless you have enough budget for an high-end guitar, full solid is not a cost-effective choice.But for experienced or professionals,it is necessary to have a full solid type.

1-3. Budget Strategy

There’s a basic rule: to buy the best you can afford.

You can simply understand as this.If you have 100 dollars,then buy a guitar worth 100 dollars.Don’t buy a 50 dollars one.

This is reasonable.Because in music insturment industry,price often reflect its quality.

To make your own budget,not matter what the amount is,remember to leave ±10% room of adjustment.

Because sometimes you meet a guitar a little bit expensive than you expected.And sometimes you meet cheaper price but the supplier won’t provide bag,belt,etc freely.

2. Holding a guitar is not so simple

No matter how to learn classical guitar,holding a guitar very important. It  may looks simple.It is not.

Why we stress holding gesture so much? Because it is so important to be noticed and it is so simple to be easily ignored.

Holding gesture influences so deep and wide.Right gesture will greatly fast your learning speed.But incorrect one may not only destory your learning,but also your body health.

Please note the picture belowing.No matter you are learning classical guitar or acosutic folk guitar,the triangle should always be here as displayed in the picture.

how to learn classical guitar

From front sight, we can see that the top side of guitar should relay on your chest, the left part should relay on you top left leg and the bottom right part should relay on inside of your right leg. The three black point make an triangle.

From side sight,we can see an obvious triangle space as well.

This gesture makes the tone spread farest.And you feel the most comfortable of playing.

Most importantly,this make your back be straight to protect you from any deformation of bone.

3. Why chords so important

Many asked “how to know fret position” for many times.

The answer shows how important the chords is.

Chords practicing is the best way to get familiar with fret positions.

You can begin with a simple chord with a very slow speed.When you get familiar,speed up.And when handled this chord,move to more complicated one.

Remeber don’t be so hurry to play with fast speed. Because chords practicing also help you to correct your way of plucking.You need time to observe and feel.

Don’t try to remember the chords positions on fretboard.No matter how familiar with it you are.Watching the piece while playing always.

Chords practicing is so helpful.But it won’t take hours to practice everyday. You only need to concentrate on this for 15 – 20 minutes everyday.

4. You can do it fast if you do it slow

What? What exactly want me to do?You maybe confused, and even get anger by the sentence above.

To practice with a slow speed.This is what exactly I want you to do.

Get faster and faster from slow practicing.This is what exactly I want you to achieve.

I know every beginner want to play like god in a very short time. So speed is the only thing they consider.

But actually,it should be the easiest and last problem to solve.

No matter what kind of practicing piece you are dealing with,you need to focus and regular the rhythm firstly.

To regular the rhythm,you need metronome to help you.And try your best to follow.It is easier to follow at a slow speed,more difficult at fast speed.

From a slow speed,you can easily follow the rhythm.Besides,you can feel your finger get more flexible gradually.And the balance between two hands is better and better. If you have this feeling,you can regularly speed up.

As time goes by, your playing speed is faster and faster.At the same time,you also perform clear and beautiful sound.

If you start from a high speed,you will never feel balance of two hands and flexibility of your finger.It is difficult for you to have rhythm.Without it,everything is nothing.

5. You do have time to practice

When you decide to learn classical guitar,you should know that practicing is a daily job.

It is not necessary for you to practice for 3 or 6 hours a day at the beginning.Actually,it is very difficult  to concentrate all your energy on one thing for hours.

Just keep on practicing 15 -30 minutes a day should be enough at the beginning.However,you need to be very concentrated during this period.

For senior practicing, 15 – 30 minutes should not be enough a day.It may take 1 or 2 hours and more for practicing.If you are too busy to take this long time practicing, then you can split your practicing into 2 parts or more.

This is more suitable for beginners instead of experienced. For those who want to be professionals,this is not a proper way for practicing.

6. Is video class a good idea

You can find and attend guitar classes on youtube,facebook,etc.

Almost everything you can find through internet. This result in development of computer, and can save your time and cost, why not to take advantage of it. 

But remember that learn to play guitar is not just listen and see, ask and answer is very important in this process.

That means if a video class just show you how to play may not so helpful for a beginner.

If you want to attend a video class, you need to talk with your teacher not just leave a message and wait for answers. 

If you want to learn classical guitar, it is better for you to attend a real class with systematic teaching arrangement.

7. Books may work for you

“ESTUDIO PROGRESIVO DE LA GUITARRA” which is Spain published.

This edition contains four books: number 1,2,3,4.

If you know nothing about classical guitar, you can start from number 1 which is very simple. Then finish one book by one book.

If you can practice all 4 books, there’s nothing you can’t play.

However, you can’t learn by yourself with these books, the scores in them looks is not as simple as it looks like. And you need to know how to practice correctly. 

how to learn classical guitar

“Pumping Nylon” written by Scott Tennant of USA.

This book is called “Guitar Bible” in China.

If you want to improve any skill of classical guitar, you don’t want to miss this book.

It explained all key skills in very detail and contain relative scores for practicing.

Especially, the book does\’t say anything useless, it directly tells you how to fix your problem from holding gesture, finger plunking, etc.

But this book is not so suitable for beginners, it is fit for those who have some experience.

how to learn classical guitar

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