Check Out These Quick Tips For Buying Your Spanish Flamenco Guitar

Spanish Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitars are favorites among legends and musicians. The music ‘maestros’ had their specific sound and personal style for creating the magic of sound. For all sorts of difficulties while choosing a guitar, this brief guide addresses your quick needs of buying a flamenco guitar. Guitar construction Even if they look similar or spitting images […]

A Quick Brief Guide for Buying a Beginner’s Electric Guitar in China

electric guitar body china

Beginning your passion for learning a guitar does help bring out a great musician in you. However, the incredible choices out there may put you in a daunting situation while selecting the right one. This quick guide is meant to serve you immediately. As a budding guitarist, you need an easily playing and properly-sized guitar […]

Will you buy guitar from Chinese guitar factory?

chinese guitar factory

Will you purchase from Chinese guitar factory? When we talk about Chinese guitar factory,many words will come to our mind. When ask will you purchase from Chinese guitar factory, the answer can be vary. Some will directly tell you don’t do it, some will suspiciously tell you to try and others may confidently tell you […]

How To Ship A Guitar Safely?How To Ship Bulk Order Guitars?

how to ship a guitar

How To Ship A Guitar Safely? 1. How to ship a guitar with safe packing 2. Is case or bag necessary 3. Can we pack by carton 4. How to ship bulk order guitars 1. How to ship a guitar with safe packing As a professional guitar supplier,we definately understand the risk in shipping guitars […]