Guitar Parts Delivery Alert

guitar parts delivery

Guitar Parts Delivery Alert

Parts delivery and guitar delivery is influenced by COVID-19 outbreak.

Currently coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak makes the world crazy. Especially, so greasily influences international logistic system.

FeDex, TNT, DHL, UPS express service and most post office are included. As far as we know till now, most of warehouse of express service is out of space. It may take 3-4 or one week to make goods on board. This should be in your consideration when making order.

The same situation for air-freight. As we are informed by our air-freight agent. So please be prepared.Especially for parts order.

But no further news from our sea-freight agent, it seems deliver by sea is normal at present. However, for small orders, this is not an ideal shipping method.

What we prepare to do?

1.  No matter if there’s any order need to be shipped, we keep close talking with our agent. For we have to keep our eyes closely on any updating or improving of the situation.

2. We try our best to select the quickest shipping service for you.

3. As you know, the parts delivery cost (because guitar parts are mostly shipped by express or air-freight) is raising, we have discussed with or agent and can still get some discount. Therefore, we decide to keep the shipping cost as what we get from the agent. Besides, try our best to keep it as low as we can.

How’s the situation going on?

Well, in China, the situation is gradually getting better and better. Till now, around 80% to 90% of business and jobs are back. Xybguitars began working on March.2nd. However, the risk of the virus doesn’t vanish at all. We think we will win in April.

Globally, the situation is a little bit complicated. And now the number of the infected has not reached the peak yet. But we are glad to see more and more countries are taking positive actions to fight the virus. So we also believe this kind of situation will be over soon.

Which countries are influence when delivery?

Till now, most of them are European countries like UK, German, Italy, Spanish, and USA airline is also influenced. 

Generally, we can do manufacture, inspection and delivery as usual. But it may take longer time to fulfill our obligation.

We wish all of us be safe and healthy. And we believe we can win this “war”. Xybguitars stands behind you for supporting as always.

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