Discussing Guitar Tremolo Bridges – A Few Favorite Ones On The Top

Jazz Tremolo Bridge

Vibrato or Tremolo bridges have met revolution on its way since the 1930s and remain solely eligible for bedecking a strumming guitar with impeccable elegance of sound. Whammy bars – some may pronounce this name for the tremolo bridge for the whamming conversational techniques introduced during music talks. An out-of-tune guitar is as good as […]

Acoustic Guitar Storage-How Humidity Influences Wood Guitar?

acoustic guitar storage

Acosutic Guitar Storage  1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? 2. Is high humidity good? 3. How does low humidity influence guitar? 4. How to do acosutic guitar storage? 1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? Why acoustic guitar storage is so important? The answer is obvious.To protect guitar from damages and to prolong […]

Guitar History, From Beginning to Present

guitar history

Guitar History 1.Guitar History Beginning 2. Development 3. Golden Times 4. Segovia,The Greatest Guitarist in 20th Century 5. Now 1. Guitar History Beginning Where guitar history begins? This is the first question comes to our mind. But it is almost a “mission impossible“.Because wood material is easily rotted.So we can hardly find any evidence of […]