Guitar Blog

The guitar blog is for sharing of Xybguitars’ articles and ideas initially.

Then also is a blog place to announce news and events happened in Xybguitars.

The most importantly, we want to build a place that people can freely discuss and share their opinions, ideas and experience, etc. So here you are free to comment, question and answer. However, just topics related to guitar is allowed. Other non-related topics may be removed or deleted.

The second purpose of this guitar blog is to give enthusiasts or beginners to get some knowledge to help their studying or progressing. It may take a long time for us to collect suitable knowledge from other sources we can find. So we may not publish such kind of articles so frequently, but we  will insist on.

As a guitar and parts supplier of China, Xybguitar also want to build a place to further introduce Chinese guitar and parts to all over the world. We will try our best to lead you to have a clear idea about the situation of Chinese guitar and parts manufacturers, how to cooperate with China supplier and how to distinguish a good one from tons of suppliers, etc.

Anyway, this blog will give you various topics to browse. And surely, please feel free to contact us to tel us what you are interested if it is not listed here.