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Chinese Guitar & Parts Supplier 

As a Chinese guitar parts supplier, Xybguitars stepped into the business in 1990s. It was a local music instruments store.

Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(shorted as Xybguitars) has been established in 2016 for better service of overseas clients. In our team, there are members of guitar musicians, builders and commercial guys with export business background.

Based on recognition of Chinese guitar and parts factories, Xybguitars is able to provide various items for different requirements.However, the main efforts of us is to keep the cost as low as possible without sacrifice of quality. Thanks for those kinds of efforts, now Xybguitars can keep the cost at a lower level. Besides, low-profit policy is also an important one that aims to enable us to support “giant” buyer as well as small business.

Quality is another important factor that Xybguitars focuses on. Always inspect before delivery. Additionally, inspect potential partner before formal cooperation agreement. At the moment, Xybguitars has established complete warranty policy for all items.  Policies does not only secure the quality, but also keep payment safe.

chinese guitar parts supplier

At present, Xybguitars selects and provides acoustic guitars, classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Moreover, mainly wholesale guitar parts such as knobs, tremolos, jacks, tuners, and pickups,guitar bodies, tools, etc., to music stores, building factories,repairing shops,etc.

OEM service for special needs of both guitars and parts is also available. This is mainly in term of coming drawings, samples, etc.

Xybguitars has firmly served clients in USA, UK, etc. For moment, Xybguitars is gradually growing.