Will you buy guitar from Chinese guitar factory?

chinese guitar factory

Will you purchase from Chinese guitar factory?

When we talk about Chinese guitar factory,many words will come to our mind.

When ask will you purchase from Chinese guitar factory, the answer can be vary.

Some will directly tell you don’t do it, some will suspiciously tell you to try and others may confidently tell you it is worthy purchasing.

Why this happened? And if you want to import from China, how to cooperate with your supplier? 

There are many we will talk.

1. Why and why not purchasing 

2. Challenges in cooperation with Chinese guitar supplier

3. Guidence to work with Chinese factory

4. How do we cooeprate with you

1. Why and why not purchasing

1-1 Why you want to import from China

The reason to purcahse from Chinese guitar factory is very simple and obvious. 

Pursuing cheaper price. 

We are sure you can find cheaper Chinese guitar factory.And even some good quality factories.

But to import world class brand like YAMAHA, etc, already established guitar factory in China will be a problem. Because of copyright rules and market protection policy by the companies. 

This is why you want to import from China. 

1-2 Why not 

The answer is also obvious:poor quality or performance.

Poor quality guitar will make importers or distributors lose their profit as well as good reputation.

This happened when you jsut focus on price.Because there are so many factories.

Many are telling you the truth, some are telling you a lie about their situation.

It tankes a great time to distinguish good ones from bad.

Another reason is that more and more suffered from so called Chinese fake.

We all know that Chinese industry developed based on copying others. This began from around 1980s and last for a long period.

Nowadays, we cannot say such kind of action is disappeared, but China manufacturers is surely getting more and more copy right. However, in music instrument industry, this kind of fake still exists.

Don’t be confused with those factories who are authorized by world brands. China fake means guitars copy from other brands without any authorization and surely just copy that appearance, as for quality, it is totally a different thing.

This kind of production not only damages the market, but also damages the interests of players or buyers.

Nobody want Chinese fake include us.

This is why you don’t want to import from China.

2. Challenges in cooperation with China guitar supplier

2-1. Language 

Language is the first challenge you may meet with Chinese guitar factory.

Email communication often looks fine.Everybody can understand eachother.But when physical meeting or phone call,it casues extreme headache sometimes.

For decades,English education is always popular in China.But many people are used to writing instead of speaking.There are many reasons which cause this situation.

Nowadays,our oral ability is getting better.But listening is still a problem.

2-2 Time difference

This is a common view that China has different time zone with many countries, especially those in Africa, Europe and America.

Foreign importers will find that there mails or messages cannot be replied in minutes even in hours as they expected. They often have to wait for hours even one day to get their reply from Chinese guitar factory. 

Well, China is about 7 hours earlier than most of countries in Europe and Africa, 10-16 hours earlier than countries in America.

Although most of China guitar factory are willing to answer whatever you asked timely, but sometimes they really can’t.

So for something really urgent, make a phone call is still a better way or send a message by Whatsapp. 

2-3 Trading policy

As for open-gate policy of China, exportation from China is getting easier and easier.

But that doesn’t mean anything can be exported or it’s easier to purchase goods from China than from any other country. 

Hazardous articles, energy items,items under state regulation, weapons and other prohibited items,etc., are still difficult to export.

Besides its own regulation,China government also have to follow internaional rules.

2-4 Culture difference

There maybe a huge difference between Chinese culture and others.

The biggest is traditional festival.

To celebrate this one, the whole country normally breaks for 7-days holiday.

During this period, most of Chinese don’t work but be with families for parties. This also influences logistics in domestic.

All logistic companies may stop their service 2 to 7 days before the holiday begins. So to confirm with you supplier for better arrangement in advance can avoid any inconvenience. 

7-days Spring Festival holiday is regular one by Chinese law.But many factories will last the holiday for half a month. 

The second biggest holiday is Independence Day. Also last for 7 days.

And there are are so many other kinds of culture.Even as a Chinese, it is difficult to tell you all. One thing we can asure you is that you will feel hot hospitality here.

2-5 China fake, yes or no

Well, we think China fake is the most discussed topic. Do you accept such kind of product? Or Do you firmly against such kind of production?

We don’t like it for sure.

For guitars, China fake last for a very long time, even in nowadays some suppliers are still doing this kind of business.Mainly becasue easy to sell and maybe more profit.

We don’t like and don’t do China fake kind of business.Because we know it hurts the industry.And only certain area has such kind of needs.

The fake producer normally doesn’t care about quality,but profit only.So it doesnot hurt the industry only, but also destory some players.

This is why we say no to it.

3. Guidence to work with Chinese factory

3-1. Communication

As we discussed before, many of Chinese suppliers are not good at speaking English, but very good at reading and writing.

So if possible, to write more often than to phone call. 

When communication by mails or messages, try to make you point as detail as you can.And make the sentence as simple you can. 

If you have to call or make a physical meeting,try to speak slowly.

But no need in very slow speed, just try to make every word clear. 

Time difference as mentioned above is another aspect you need to consider.

If you are in USA, time you start working maybe the time your supplier sleeping. In this case, for normal affair, send SMS when you send him an email for reminding may help your supplier to reply you timely. 

3-2.  Establish your own standard for supplier

It is important for you to make a clear requirement to indicate your supplier the best way to cooperate with you.

You can directly tell how you want to be answered,and even what time is the best to begin talking.

I’m sure your supplier will be very pleased to know your habit in advance. 

3-3. Shipping Arrangement 

Well, it is better to ask your partner to give you their arrangement of manufacturing and shipping schedule in advance.

This will make it easier to follow the whole process. Especially as we mentioned about festivals above.

3-4.  Paper Work

We all know there are paper works related to documents for export and import.

Normally, the document includes invoice, contract and packing list,etc.

Many suppliers will issue draft document in advance. But some don’t have this habit. So it is better for you to ask in advance.

4.How do we cooperate with you

Now, we will tell you how does Xybguitars cooperate with you. 

4-1. Communication

Language challenge is smaller with us.

Our employee have English major background,especially,we focus on oral English very much. 

All are good at speaking, hearing, reading and writing. It is no problem to communicate with us by mail,message, on-line or on the phone.

4-2. Time difference influence

We also have time-difference issue.

However, we promise to answer no later than 12 hours from time we received your message.

Our contact phone is ready to ring for 24 hours, it is ok for you to call us at any time without concern of disturbing. Or you can still send messages to us by Whatsapp or SMS. 

4-3. Timely documentation and report

We always issue draft document in advance for confirmation.

But for packing list,some times, we can prepare only when production is finished.However,we will timely issue when we are able to measure and pack.

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