Acoustic Guitar Storage-How Humidity Influences Wood Guitar?

acoustic guitar storage

Acosutic Guitar Storage 

1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important?

2. Is high humidity good?

3. How does low humidity influence guitar?

4. How to do acosutic guitar storage?

1. Why acoustic guitar storage is so important?

Why acoustic guitar storage is so important?

The answer is obvious.To protect guitar from damages and to prolong the guitar life.

Most of guiars are made of wood material.And wood material is easily influenced by humidity.

Wood expands when soak up moisture and contracts when lose moisture. And strong shift between expanding and contracting will cause problem in many aspects of wood.

This is why right acoustic guitar storage is so important.

2. Is high humidity good

Someone will say it is good when humidity is high.

For some of wood material, it is.But we cannot say so easily for wood music instrument.

When humidity is between 90% and 100%, it causes expanding of body,bad sound performance,extreme string height and dropping of beam and bridge.And causes bulge of  the 14th fret on fingerboard.

The guitar will not be able to play.

When humidity is between 70% and 85%, acoustic performance is getting worse.

Solid top begins to expand and string height getting higher. After months, mouldy smell occurs. The guitar is not able to play as well.

55%~70% humidity is a relative safe range.

But it is not allowed to expose guitar in this environment for a long time.

Solid top, back and side will expand a little bit. This makes worse hand feeling. The guitar is playable.But problem like string buzz may occur.

It is totally ok to expose guitar in environment with 42%~55% humidity. But if the humidity is 35%~42%, fret buzz will occur for string height is lower and deformation of body.

So remember that it is not good for acoustic guitar storage when humidity is too high.

 3. How does low humidity influence guitar

Himidity below 30% will be considered as low level.

Solid top will depressed a bit.Especially, two sides of bridge.

And bridge maybe broken after months when humidity is 25%~32%.

When humidity is 20%~25%, fret buzz is surely to appear.

The last six frets will cave into sound hole.So the string height is lower.

After months, crack on top will last till the end of body. The guitar is almost not playable.

10%~20% humidity will cause break of solid top.

And string height gets low so soon.It is visible that rosette is higher than ever.

0%~10% humidity is surely an extreme bad environment.

In this condition, solid top will be broken fast.

Beam will go out of body and string height will be extremely low.

Guitar is totally damaged.

So when humidity is too low,badd things happened as well.

 4. How to do acoustic guitar storage

From above,we can see that both high and low humidity is bad for guitar.Only keep proper humidity is good for the quality.

So remember that keeping right humidity is the main purpose of right acoustic guitar storage.

4-1. General Method

Always keep guitar in bag or case if you don’t play.

This is for general storage in normal environment.

Use guitar bag or case,can help to separate your guitar from dust and high temperature sources. Also remain a certain humidity level inside. 

But it is better for you to play it once a day. If you are not able to play for a certain period, it is better to keep guitar in bag or case far from ground floor.

Using humidifier is a good way to remain the humidity.

acoustic guitar storage

4-2. How to sore the guitar in high humidity environment

If you have to keep guitar in high humidity environment,don’t put it in bag or case.

Just put it on guitar stand.

But you should make sure the temperature around is not too high in advance.

4-3. Can I put guitar under sunlight

Directly put guitar under sunlight is always a bad idea.

It will influence the appearance of guitar and cause deformation. 

Some are used to oil fingerboard after some period.

It is actually not so necessary, and sometimes it may deform your fingerboard.

However, it is necessary to clean body, fingerboard with soft cloth after playing. This will extend guitar’s life.

Remember don’t try to fix any deformation problem by yourself, contact your supplier or guitar shop where you bought it to ask for professional services.

Above all, we can see it is bad when humidity is too high or too low.

Proper humidity is between 40% and 55%.

Guitar case or bag will help you.And humidifier is higly recommend to use.

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