4 Benefits of Playing the Guitar

Guitar players exude an aura of coolness that hardly any instrument can replicate; just take a look at Cobain or Clapton, and you’ll see. But apart from being arguably the most desired musical playing skill among the people, guitar playing has a lot of hidden benefits that are good for your wellbeing.

A close up of a guitar player’s fingers on the fret board.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits you can get out of playing (or learning to play if you’re a newbie) the guitar:

Boosts Concentration

As relaxing as jamming along to your favorite tunes can be, playing the guitar requires quite a bit of concentration. You have to hit each individual note at the right time, and when the song is something as complicated as a John Mayer melody, your fingers will be at work for a while. The whole ordeal involves your concentration to come into play, and the dexterity factor is at its highest as you progress onto more challenging tracks.

Improves Your Memory

It’s a well-known fact that the more physical activity you engage in, the better it is for your brain. Like any other muscle, your brain develops better as you put it into exercise mode, which involves engaging in a task that requires it to function more than usual. Guitar playing is one of those, as your memory is a crucial factor. You won’t always be playing off of sheets, and you’ll need those notes in your head to nail that killer riff.

Good for Child Development

There’s an incredible feeling that one feels when they succeed at something. A similar feeling of satisfaction is felt by a child when they can play new chords or songs on their own. It contributes heavily to their confidence and self-belief, which is vital for a child’s healthy upbringing. Playing the guitar is a healthy activity in itself, plus you get the added benefit of improvement for your reading skills as you learn to go off notes in the sheets.

Groove into Your Golden Years

It’s recommended for older people to engage in an adequate amount of physical activity, which keeps them healthier and more active in the long run. While it might be challenging to run the marathon at an older age, it won’t be too hard to play some Hendrix or Nelson tunes on the old guitar. Guitar playing is a passive but significant activity that engages the mind, body, and soul as you groove to your favorite music.

A senior citizen playing the acoustic guitar in a tropical background.

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